A committee to appoint a committee

This piece of beauty comes from Criggo, a hilarious site that collects gaffes, blunders and rhetorical nonsense from newspapers.

It’s funny, but in organizations, particularly churches that are heavy on bureaucracy (did someone say United Methodist Church?), this headline might be referring to business as usual.

Case in point:

I was once made chair of a committee of which I didn’t even know I was a member at a meeting of another committee I didn’t even know existed. All of this in a church with about 500 members.

I found this out when I listened to a slightly perturbed message on my answering machine (from the same guy who at an earlier date left an angry message about the youth group having a profile on a site – MySpace – with so much profanity and sketchiness) asking why I hadn’t scheduled any meetings the last six months.

Imagine that. Being appointed to chair a committee you weren’t even aware you were on. Didn’t Groucho Marx have a joke about that?

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