Changing zip codes

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind in my life as I resigned my position at Hempfield United Methodist Church, spent a week crashing on my brother’s futon in West Chester, set up shop in an empty house in Media, and started a new job as the assistant director of web content and digital marketing at Delaware County Community College.

It was a really tough decision to leave a job I truly loved and a city that had starting feeling more and more like home but nearly two weeks into my new job I am confident it was the right decision to make. I’m surrounded by an incredible group of people at the college and well, our new town has a Trader Joe’s.

Sara’s last day at her job was today so we’re going to officially move all of our furniture (no more air mattress!) on Saturday and start to build a new life for ourselves in Delaware County. I’m now almost as close as it gets to being back in South Jersey without having to pay the $5 bridge toll to go to Philadelphia so that and the fact that there’s a Major League Soccer stadium 15 minutes from here is exciting.

Moving forward with this blog I will probably be posting more about communications as it relates to the community college world I’m in now but I hope to still be involved on a voluntary basis at whatever church we end up attending here so I still hope to be an active member of the church communications community.

That’s all for now.

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