Creation = not a youth camp

When I received an e-mail today from Come Alive Ministries with the subject “Creation 2010 – a youth camp experience like none other” my first thought was one of confusion. Is Come Alive Ministries starting a summer camp?

Down in my youth I attended both Creation and summer camp, sometimes skipping family camp for a few days to attend Creation since they overlapped. The experiences I had were night and day.

For good reason.

Creation is a music festival experience with tens of thousands of people hanging out listening to live music, preaching, participating in insanely large corporate worship and perusing the largest collection of Jesus junk you will ever see outside of a convention in Nashville or Colorado Springs. Youth camps typically number in the hundreds and involve things like trees, questionable meat products in the cafeteria, cabins and games of capture the flag.

I don’t know about you, but there weren’t any rock stars hanging out in air-conditioned trailers, celebrity preachers telling me to turn to my neighbor and tell him Jesus loves him every five minutes, jumbo trons or kids covered in mud giving away free hugs at any of the summer camps I ever attended growing up.

Maybe I attended the wrong summer camps, but advertising Creation as a “youth camp experience” seems a bit of a stretch and probably would rightfully be taken as an offense to anyone marketing a genuine youth camp experience.

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