Critical Spam

I experienced a first today in my blogging. I received a spam comment on one of the blogs I maintain actually criticizing the content instead of the usual empty and often grammatically challenged praise noting how helpful the content was.

The crazy thing about it is it worked. Sort of. I immediately clicked on the link to see what site the spammer was trying to promote – turns out it was some kind of real estate site advertising properties in Northern Ireland – because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t actually someone with a real beef.

And even though I know it’s spam and that it was generated without much regard for the actual content, it still kind of stings a little. Because that’s how criticism works. Whether it’s an internet troll, a spambot or someone you know from high school, non-constructive criticism and name-calling hurt.

Of course, they also get your attention. A lot more than praise ever has.

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