Days and dates

Is there anything more frustrating than day of the week/date mix-ups?

I imagine we all do it, especially when writing a release or laying out a flier for an event several months in the future.

That’s what I told myself at least for not catching an incorrect date on a press release that went out recently for an enormous Indoor Yard Sale my church hosts every year.

The release was actually correct in three places and despite common logic that would tell you that a church would not have a yard sale on Sunday morning during worship, the 28 beat out the Saturday and the 27 in the subject line and went in the paper as Sunday 8 a.m. to noon.

The calls started coming the minute the paper hit doorsteps and we discovered over the course of a three-day period just how many people read this particular free advertiser.

Some called to double check (a separate listing in the same paper was correct), others to make sure we knew there was a mistake and at least one called Sunday morning to scold one of our volunteers for 20 minutes for allowing a newspaper to incorrectly advertise a yard sale on the Lord’s day. Five people showed up Sunday morning.

The good news in all of it was the yard sale made close to 10 Gs for youth missions and I discovered how valuable a class of publication I disregarded as viable journalism in my newspaper days could be in my new career.

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