Get to know them

Thomas Irby of the always insightful blog Over-Communicate has a guest post on the Our Church blog today that is part of an ongoing series of post on the book Less Clutter. Less Noise. The full post is worth reading for church and nonprofit communicators but I especially love this little nugget:

For decades we have bought into the ridiculous notion that people in our church are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting on us to deliver tiny sparks of brilliance in the form of announcements, newsletters, and bulletin inserts. We have treated our congregations like a heard (sic) of cattle that all drink from the same pool of information. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is no formula for universal communications. There is no one way to make everyone know everything that they need to know. In order for us to effectively communicate to people we must get to know them.

The last part of this quote really hit home for me because I have to admit that the more comfortable I’ve gotten with social networking and the more time I’ve spent in recent years on the computer and occasionally my phone communicating the more introverted I’ve become with flesh and blood inter-personal communication. Social media makes it so easy to put myself out there and do things I’m uncomfortable doing in person I too often default to the easy electronic (and impersonal) way out.

I need to remember that it’s not only my job as a church employee, but my duty as a follower of Christ to reach people on a personal level and not just hide behind my digital communication toolbox as I work to meet the bullet points on my job description as a communications coordinator.

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