Google Plus Loves Copy Editors

While the Google Plus is dead choruses continue to ring out from around the web, I’ve lately been discovering more and more reasons why I hope Google’s latest foray into social media doesn’t go the way of Friendster.

I accepted an invite to sign up early on, but quickly deleted my account when I discovered that there was no way to unlink my Picasa account (I really don’t like automated status updates). But then when the business pages were finally rolled out by Google I decided to test the waters again. Whether Google Plus succeeds in the long run, it’s probably a wise idea if you have a business, camp or nonprofit to create a page (it never hurts to patronize a company that has a lot of pull when it comes to people discovering your business or organization online).

In addition to a cleaner layout, glorious ad-free white space and the absence of all the nonsense that has junked Facebook up to the point of being barely usable, Google Plus allows you to edit your status updates after you’ve posted them.

Clearly, Google Plus loves copy editors because this really beats having to delete a post and re-post after discovering a typo.

Google Plus, you’ve won my heart. I just hope I won’t have to be like my dad, who still talks about how great Beta Max was, for years to come if and when Google Plus does die the death that so far has been largely exaggerated.

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