Happy Birthday, Twitter

Over the Christmas holiday I had an unexpected conversation with my dad and uncle about Twitter. I tried to record it so I could post it up here but the recording didn’t turn out so well, but I’ll paraphrase. My dad: What is the Twitter thing anyway? My uncle: It sounds pretty lame to me. My dad: Yeah, it has something to do with people talking about what they’re having for lunch, like I care what someone is having for lunch.

I tried to explain that while some people do like sharing what they are having for lunch, it’s so much more than that. Blank stares followed.

I wasn’t an early adopter to Twitter because I initially thought it was all about text messaging – a technology that’s never captured my attention – but since signing up for my first account about two years ago I have become a big enough fan that I now spend twice as much time on Twitter than I do on Facebook. This video celebrating Twitter’s fifth birthday does a good job of explaining why.

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