KFC gets creatively controversial (again)

Two years ago, KFC captured nationwide media attention when they paid to fix a bunch of potholes in the city of Louisville (where I lived at the time) in exchange for leaving their company stamp in white paint on all of the potholes they fixed.

Now they are back in the spotlight and under fire for something even less redeeming and perhaps far more obnoxious (those potholes, after all, did really need to be fixed).

According to news reports, the company is paying attractive Louisville coeds at Spalding University $500 each to give out coupons while wearing sweatpants with an advertisement for a bun-less sandwich known as the Double Down emblazoned across the back side.

You can read the full story HERE.

Say what you want about it, but like the pothole story this one is guaranteed to capture millions of dollars in free advertising for the company and product, which may very well have been the point all along.

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