LA Kings Break the Social Media Mold

From the sports world comes this really cool story about how the LA Kings hockey team is breaking the mold of social media among its typically generic and rule-following peers in professional sports marketing. When Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Shrute on NBC’s The Office, mentioned on Twitter that he had never been to a hockey game, the LA Kings social media monitors saw an opportunity not just to get some free publicity from a well-known actor but also play a bit of a joke that would make Jim Halpert proud – they sent him free tickets to a playoff game in a jello mold.

It’s no wonder the LA Kings have picked up some 60,000 new followers since the NHL playoffs began. As boring as so many brand and organization Twitter accounts are – come to this event, buy this product, do this, check this out – it’s inspiring to see examples of just the opposite.

Source: Puck Daddy

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