News where you can use it

We all have to go to the bathroom. And often when we use the facilities, visit the WC, lay some cable in the can, etc. we don’t bring reading material with us. I’m almost always prepared with a book, but I’m still a sucker for restaurants that have the front page or sports page of the newspaper in a frame above the urinals (I’m guessing this is just a guy’s restroom thing). I read everything while in the restroom – from the signs about employees washing their hands to the graffiti documenting sketchy activity that once occurred in said restroom.

About eight years ago I played off a Stall News I had seen visiting a college and created a daily publication during a week of Junior High camp. I found this one issue cleaning out my stuff a few weeks ago. The top of the fold story is about my younger brother being cloned (it was a costume party and his friend dressed up as him). Of all the many ways we communicated at camp before, during and after that week, the Daily Stall News was by far the biggest hit. And certainly the most fun those of us who were involved on the creative side of things.

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