Now I Can Tell

One of my favorite things about the newly designed Facebook pages is the feature that enables you as a page administrator to “like” other pages and then get a news feed with posts from all of the pages you “like.”

Beyond the practical nature of giving more visibility to postings from pages I like that I often miss in the news feed on my frequently neglected Facebook profile, this feature gives me a quick glance into something I personally use to evaluate a particular company, organization, band or artist.

Now I can tell if you are a team player using Facebook to network and learn about the community around you (read: engaging in the medium as it was intended) or if you are exclusively focused on yourself and all the wonderful things you and your organization are doing.

Sure, this is easy enough to find out by scrolling a page’s wall, but at least now I can tell looking under that like box on the left-hand column where the heart of the person running the organization’s page is.

It’s also a friendly reminder for me as I maintain pages that social networking is as much about me reading my news feed and listening to what’s happening around me as it is broadcasting my message.

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