Professors using Klout scores to grade students

Using students’ Klout scores in grading might not actually be as bad of an idea as it sounds. Journalism students need to be engaged in social media now and while Klout scores are kind of a joke, I get why some professors would use them as a measuring tool for how engaged their students are in social media.

Just yesterday I was commenting to a friend about how important it is to demonstrate a willingness to do a particular job even when you aren’t being paid. Klout may not be perfect; but it does give a glimpse into how serious students are taking their path to a career even when they aren’t being paid.

Here’s what Todd Bacile, a professor at Florida State University, said in an article referenced in the TechDirt piece linked above:

Most people seem to either love or hate Klout, so the notion of assigning a portion of a student’s grade to their respective Klout score may cause some to react … what’s a good word to use here … fretfully. Yet, as an educator teaching electronic marketing at the collegiate level I owe it to my students to introduce them to every and any concept that will help them land an internship or full-time job.

And here is an inescapable fact. Many firms are sizing up college student’s Klout scores as a quantitative metric to use for job applicant screening. Therefore, I decided to create a class project in which the final grade earned is solely determined by a student’s Klout score.

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