You know what’s annoying?

Reading some of the garbage people post on their Facebook that I have to practice restraint from replying to when I’m logged into an organizational Facebook account.

I just read one of those status update forwards that I know must be false even before I double check it on (remember, if your mother says she loves you check it out). It’s the one about how Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer because (wink wink, nudge nudge) he’s really a Muslim. Well, that’s what it implies at least. I think it actually says that he canceled it because he didn’t want to offend (as if Muslims don’t pray).

The reasons I can’t even post a gentle comment about checking sources before posting should be obvious. When I’m representing a nonpartisan organization I can’t under any circumstances enter into this kind of a dialogue.

Still, as annoying as it is it’s good to practice restraint when engaging in social networking of all kinds. I’m learning more and more the importance of asking ourselves the question of whether our own agendas (in my case I like to think that it’s for people to post accurate information) are really an outpouring of our own desires to portray ourselves as informed and intelligent persons with the right opinions and the proper skills to successfully navigate information in a responsible way.

In other words, I’m awesome because I can point out how un-awesome you are.

There’s nothing like self-imposed restraint to test our motives is there?

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