The problem with MYF

For United Methodist Churches that are lazy and don’t want to bother coming up with an interesting name for their youth group, the term MYF or UMYF — Methodist Youth Fellowship — is a kind of universal terminology for the group of kids in the church most likely to get/get someone pregnant.

Oh wait, maybe that was just the MYF in my church growing up.

Until last night, I thought my church growing up was the only church that referred to the youth group as MYFers for short and the only reason I thought that happened was because we had a guy doing the announcements – the liturgist as they called him – who tried to be funny.

It turns out, crazy announcement guy (who no lie once pretended to be a slave auctioneer during an announcement of a youth group fundraiser) wasn’t alone.

On a poster in a church I visited last night advertising the 30 Hour Famine were scrawled the words. “Open to any MYFer.”

Like the slave auction fundraiser, I think it’s time to retire MYF all together.

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