What your Twitter profile tells me #2

After looking for your location, I almost always look at your bio next.

1. If your bio is blank and I don’t already know who you are, I’m probably not going to follow you.

2. If you don’t feel like writing a bio, at least give me a web address. Since I actually do read my tweets and try to use Twitter as the two-way communication platform it’s meant to be I have some discretion in who I choose to follow.

3. If I don’t already know you, I’m not going to get your inside joke.

4. If your tweets are going to be similar to talking points already tweeted by political parties and candidates, please tell me that up front so I know from the beginning not to follow you.

5. If you are a company or organization, it wouldn’t hurt to tell me who the person who does your tweeting for you is.

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