Where in the world are you?

I’m amazed how regularly I have to search and search on websites for businesses or organizations to find out the town and state where they are located. More often than not I have to go to the Contact Us page and hope that there is a snail mail address there and not just e-mail contacts.

This is a huge problem as I see it because

1. People can access your website or blog from anywhere in the world and need to know right away if you are local or not.

2. Your organization/business/church/ministry operates in a community. Failing to advertise that shows a lack of concern for said community.

3. If location is everything and I don’t know your location within a minute of visiting your site, what is that communicating?

I’m no expert on where the best place to have this information is, but if you have a blog (these seem to be the worst offenders) or a website make sure the city/region and state are somewhere visible on the site.

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